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Conference "Corporate governance in Russia – 2018"
4 December 2018 – Moscow, Russia

The event will be attended by Russian government officials, representatives of the largest issuers and investors as well as Russian and international corporate governance experts including representatives of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Results of the OECD’s survey "Flexibility and proportionality of corporate regulation";
  • Corporate Governance of Spanish listed companies; 
  • Disclosure of directors’ and managers’ remuneration: Sweden’s experience;  
  • The new UK Corporate Governance Code;
  • Changes proposed to the Russian Corporate Governance Code;
  • OECD’s survey on Corporate Governance in Groups of Companies;
  • Corporate governance practice in Russia: issuers’ opinion;
  • Key aspects of corporate governance for investors;
  • The Bank of Russia’s survey "On corporate governance practice in Russian public companies;
  • Involvement of shareholders in governance of their companies and stewardship codes;
  • The role of information technologies in improving corporate governance; etc.

Date and venue: 4 December 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, Moscow, Tverskaya 22


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