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OECD Russia Corporate Governance Roundtable, 25-26 October 2012

The Roundtable held on 25-26 October in Moscow has become the first key annual event in the framework of the OECD Russia Corporate Governance Roundtable. The meeting was co-organized by the OECD and the Moscow Exchange, co-sponsored by the EBRD and Interfax acted as an information partner.

The Roundtable meeting focused on three main topics: i) board formation; ii) takeovers, tender offers and squeeze outs; iii) alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the securities market. These topics were addressed by high level speakers, commentators and moderators, both from Russia and abroad, over the basis of papers commissioned especially for the meeting. Speakers included experts and practitioners from Russia, Brazil, the UK, Netherlands, and the United States.

Moreover, 15 recommendations were adopted at a plenary session elaborating on the results of the discussions of the March 30 2012 Technical Seminar in the following areas: a) the role of the stock exchange in setting corporate governance standards; b) disclosure and transparency; and c) enforcement of insider trading and market manipulation laws.

The meeting was extremely well attended by a wide circle of Russian and foreign participants, including representatives of issuers, regulators, authorities, experts, academia and other participants concerned by the development of corporate governance in Russia (about 400 people registered for the Roundtable and over 200 attended the meeting). Participants had an opportunity to actively participate in the discussion and showed real engagement. Discussions confirmed that the topics selected for the October Roundtable fit key challenges and the reform agenda in Russia.

Meeting Documents and Presentations

Board formation

Takeovers, tender offers and squeeze-outs

Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the securities market

Breakout sessions and adoption of recommendations

Session А: The role of the stock exchange in setting corporate governance standards  

Session B: Disclosure and transparency 

Session C: Enforcement of insider trading and market manipulation laws

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